Electrostunning machine by electroshock
The electrostunning machine has been designed to help the raising and manipulation on board a ship of large pelagic species like the Big Eye Tuna and the Mako Shark while carrying out longline surface fishing techniques specifications
of the machine

Electrostunning machine
by electroshock


  • To prevent salt damage, install OPERATION BOX and WELDING MACHINE belowdecks to keep away from seawater.
  • Install PUSH-BUTTON SWITCH in better position to operate. (working space for pulling tuna)
  • Secure the edge of CABTYRE CABLE (welding machine side) to a wall of bridge and secure a place to put coiled CABTYRE CABLE on deck


  • Please check output voltage. Output voltage from welding machine is 40volts when press PUSH-BUTTON SWITCH.
  • Please check the energization bewteen HOLDER(white) and ELECTRODE, and between EARTH(black) and EARTH PLATE by use of circuit tester


  • Do not press down the PUSH-BUTTON SWITCH for long time. (with one touch/single touch of a button)


  • If the surface of ELECTRODE or EARTH PLATE get rusted, rub off the rust using sandpaper to expose stainless surface.
  • Leaking seawater into CABTYRE CABLE from joint part of ELECTRODE or EARTH PLATE cause disconnecting. In that case, cut off leaking point and reconnect ELECTRODE or EARTH PLATE. (in case of leaking seawater into CABTYRE, leaking point become discolored.)

Download instructions for Electrostunning machine 24V
Download operating instructions with 24V discharge
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